Press Office Milan

Probeat Agency offers press office and communication services in order to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world. The aim is to reduce boundaries between traditional media (press, radio and TV), web magazines, blogs, social networks and special activations such as local events.

Modern press office requires to be able to communicate brand’s products and values to the media and the public, according to different codes and languages, turned into specific marketing strategies.


A 400 sqm showroom in Milano Navigli District, melting pot of creativity and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

A multifunctional space for communication events, press meetings and shootings.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 77
20143 Milano – Italy
T. +39 02 89 42 25 58 – F. +39 02 89 40 02 20
[email protected]

Paolo Ruffato
Managing Director
[email protected]

Emanuela Schiavone
Press Office Director
[email protected]